Jim Read

Jim Read studied History and English at Mount Alison University on the edge of the Tantramar Marsh in God's Own Country, aka New Brunswick. He studied Creative Writing with Herbert Burke and the English Novel with John Thompson. He completed his adventures in higher education under the stern tutelage of Mel Tuck at the Theatre Department of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute on the edge of Yonge Street, the longest street in the world, if you believe the guide books.

His writing has been published in various venues including First Encounter, CBC Anthology, Portico, Quarry, Poetry Toronto. A short story entitled The Weekend Out With All Our Coins was recently published by The Antigonish Review. The short story The Libarians was published in Matthew Firth's Front and Centre Magazine.

In a recent conversation Jim Read said this: my principal characters are robust. They jump off the page at you, engaged, hopeful, resilient. They contend with life as it is, at the mercy of fate but never resigned. If they lack for any answers to the problems of life the fault is with me, with the imperfections of my heart.

You can read The Weekend Out With All Our Coins and other archived stories by clicking on my Facebook author's page to the right.